Welcome to our parish library page!  Here one can view a list of book titles registered in our library by category or by name.  Those interested may also request that a book from our listings be placed on the table in the narthex by using the form at the bottom of this page.*

The main location for the parish library is Trinity Hall–i.e. the lower level of the main church building–near the DRE’s office.  Also, for the convenience of fellow parishioners, the volunteers who maintain the parish library have set aside a table in the narthex to advertise certain books on a weekly rotation.

We now also have electronic material available on our electronic library page.

View the lists of titles here:
Library Titles by Topic,
Library Titles by Name

Download/View documents with the listings of Library Titles here:
Library Titles by Topic/Name (Excel),
Library Titles by Name (PDF)Library Titles by Topic (PDF)